From Would Like to Should – The Unenforceable Rules

I was asking a friend of mine about what I could write about this week. He suggested, “What about resentment?” I hadn’t thought about this for a while but it’s a significant problem that does wear us down. Should There are many reasons for resentment. I think the essence of … Read More

Awareness, Hope, Forgiveness and Play

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These four elements form a powerful alliance to promote healing. The DOC program is simply one of the many applications of these age-old concepts. Awareness You cannot successfully address a problem unless you are aware of its root causes. But many people in pain stubbornly insist that, “The problem is … Read More

Changing Your Story – Reframing

Neuroplasticity is the term for the brain’s capacity to physically adapt to the environment. This is modulated by sensory input and chemical changes. It has been well-documented that prolonged exposure to stress hormones adversely affects the brain structure in addition to causing it to physically shrink.(1) Having a chronically negative … Read More

“Finding Health by Letting Go of Hate”

The common thread of those who successfully heal from chronic pain and other symptoms of Neurophysiologic Disorder (NPD) is letting go of anger through deep forgiveness. Anger and pain are inextricably linked. For many of us forgiveness involves somewhat of an intellectual process and is focused on many small “wrongs”. … Read More

Out of the Abyss with Forgiveness

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Hi Dr. Hanscom, It’s Beverly, a former patient. I just wanted to write and tell you some good news regarding my back situation. You were right about forgiveness as well as the emotional aspects of back pain–at least in my case.After following the physiological recommendations and taking the various classes … Read More