When you are trapped by any situation, you are programmed to become angry to improve your odds of escaping. This is especially true if you are in The Abyss of chronic pain. Your Hand Stuck Over the Stove.



There are several concepts to consider regarding the interaction between pain, anxiety and anger:

  • When a basic need such as air, food, or water is not met, anxiety ensues. When you lose control of your ability to resolve the problem you will become angry.
  • Anger causes you to increase your efforts—often dramatically
  • Not being in pain is a basic human need

Anxiety represents a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness. We are programmed to avoid anxiety at all costs. Anger causes you to feel powerful, which covers up the feeling of anxiety. Yet at the same time anger causes your mind to race faster and reinforce your anxiety-producing circuits. It is the turbocharger that must be turned off. Anger and Anxiety-“The Highway to Hell”

The genealogy of anger:

  • Anxiety-producing circumstance over which you have lost control— you feel trapped  Video: Completely Trapped
  • You then blame yourself or the situation
  • You are now in a victim role
  • Frustration, anger, or even rage is the final result

Anger is an anxiety-driven survival reaction.

The circumstance may be perceived or real:

  • Examples of perceived victimhood are: a) being cut off in traffic b) not being invited to a party c) not enough time to do what you would like
  • Examples really being victimized are: a) being physically assaulted and robbed b) vicious gossip c) wrongfully imprisoned d) being bullied

The similarity between real and perceived victimhood is that the final result is anger and it will destroy you either way. The difference between real and perceived anger is that real anger is much more difficult to let go. Chronic pain is REAL victimhood. You clearly are trapped “The Pit of Despair” and even worse there is usually not an end in sight.

Your family

Finally, understand the devastating effects of chronic pain and anger on your immediate family. They ofter become the targets of frustration. You would do anything for them and you also need their support. They are the last people you would want exposed to your anger. Protect your family from your pain