• 8094737104_41f7eaa90d_bNone of us like the idea that we might be playing the role of a victim.  There are many ways that we disguise it.  The list is infinite.  I will share a few of my personal favorite methods.  Anger-The Absolute Block
    • “Being right”
    • “Frustrated”
    • Feeling sorry for myself
    • Suppression/ denial
    • Disassociating—closing the door on the past
    • Identity of being “cool and calm”
    • Judgmental
    • High ideals/ standards
    • Perfectionism
    • Opinionated

    My list would truly fill a thick book.  As you are more honest with yourself you can at least give yourself a little credit for creativity.

    Write these disguises down.

    • Don’t throw this list away.
    • The intent about writing down these disguises are to give you more awareness of who you are.
    • This step is not intended to be a re-programming step.