The Pain of Social Isolation

Many of my patients suffering from chronic pain are socially isolated.  When you are trapped in pain you have a difficult time reaching out. Others do not necessarily want to interact with angry people. The problem becomes greatly magnified in that it has been shown that social rejection shares the … Read More

Fighting a Forest Fire – Your Pain

The negative impact of chronic pain on quality of life is more severe than heart failure, renal failure, or major depression and comparable to terminal cancer (2,3). Failing to adequately manage chronic pain has additional major consequences, which include: (1) Cardiovascular High blood pressure Heart attack Physiologic Loss of appetite … Read More

Solving the Unsolvable

You have learned the multiple variables that create and affect chronic pain. Regardless of the source of the pain your brain is being rapidly bombarded with unpleasant sensations that become magnified and memorized with time. Additionally they are linked with anxiety/ anger impulses that are also permanent pathways. This is … Read More

Anxiety, Anger, and Adrenaline

I’m continually searching for ways to understand and explain the Neurophysiological Disorder (NPD). Here’s one of my efforts. Every human being has anxiety as a necessary survival trait. Every cell in the human body has evolved to survive – not to have a great time. Unfortunately humans become anxious in … Read More

Stress, Illness, and Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic cells The photovoltaic cell is a solar technology that converts sunlight directly into electrical current.     Your nervous system “on the prowl” Your nervous system is designed to process all external stimuli and direct the musculoskeletal and various organ systems to respond in specific ways to maximize your … Read More

Physical versus Emotional Pain

The Swerve I recently read a book, “The Swerve” by Steven Greenblatt. It is a historical account of a papal scribe’s discovery in 1417 of a poem, “The Nature of Things”. Lucretius wrote it almost 1000 years earlier. He makes a case that it was the discovery of this poem … Read More

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