Develop a “Family Business” Business Plan

Any business of that consists of more than one person involves creating a legally binding contract that spells out the expected responsibilities of each party, distribution of the rewards, and assumption of liabilities. The ultimate business is that of marriage or being legally bound together defined by time. It is … Read More

Forgiveness is a Learned Skill–and a Power Move

Forgiveness is both a learned skill and an ongoing daily process without a beginning or end. It is a statement that you are going to live your life on your terms, and no one person or situation is going to take that away from you. It is the tipping point of … Read More

Optimizing (Avoiding) Spine Surgery

About three years ago my staff noticed that our surgical patients who participated in the DOC project principles were doing much better. The outcomes were better and we were having fewer failures. The postoperative pain seemed less and more easily controlled. Patients were moving forward quickly with rehab while re-entering … Read More

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