Bruce Lipton and David Hanscom have arrived at similar conclusions regarding the nature of illness/ disease and how to prevent and solve them. Bruce is the author of, The Biology of Belief1 and David wrote a book based on his own experience escaping from chronic mental and physical pain, Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain.2 The DOC (Direct your Own Care) is a computer-based course that presents a self-directed sequence of lessons to implement these concepts in your own life.



Bruce figured out many years ago that your life outlook has a direct effect on your body’s biology and function. His views were based on looking closely at the data that has been in front of us for 75 years. The last 20 years of scientific research with new technological advances has deeply confirmed the obvious. For example, a paper out of UCLA showed that chronic stress and social isolation creates “warrior monocytes” that are white blood cells that attack your own tissues.3

David arrived at the same set of conclusions after his own 15-year struggle with severe chronic pain and then it took another 15 years to figure out what happened. It is one of the reasons The DOC Journey has been so effective in that he figured out the small details that entail success by trial and error. Much of was from his own journey and also guiding hundreds of patients out of mental and physical pain.

The essence of chronic mental and physical disease is sustained exposure to threats, which causes changes in your body’s neurochemistry. The foundation of sustaining life is minimizing your exposure to fight or flight physiolgy and maximizing your time in safety.

Bruce and David both cut their successful careers short to bring these concepts to the world. Bruce clearly presents the issues and the definitive solution – your brain moves towards where you place your attention and healing occurs when it is focused on where you want to go. Giving back, gratitude, perspective, community, and moving towards your vision takes the energy away from your pain as you move into a new life.

David’s work provides a foundational sequence that will allow you to create your own pathway away from the pain circuits and bring your dreams alive. We do understand under the crushing weight of suffering from chronic pain, your dreams have been buried. We are excited about coordinating our efforts and honored to be a part of your heling

It is deeply documented in the medical literature that chronic stress kills. Why? It is because when you are exposed to threats in any form, your body goes into a defensive survival state of “flight or fight” where you are consuming energy. When this is sustained, your body utilizes energy from your own tissues, including tendons, ligaments, fat cells, internal organs, brain cells, and breaks them down. This response also includes the powerful immune system, which is intended to ward off cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, and any foreign invaders. However, when it remains fired up, your inflammatory cells will also attack and destroy your own tissues.

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