Bruce Lipton and David Hanscom are collaborating their efforts to bring healing back into medicine. Bruce is a cell biologist, author, and public speaker. His most well-known book is The Biology of Belief. David quit his orthopedic spine surgery practice in 2018 and is also an author and speaker. He wrote Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap out of Chronic pain, which is the foundation of his work.

The essence of chronic mental and physical disease is sustained exposure to stress, which causes changes in your body’s neurochemistry. The core aspect of healing is learning tools to minimize your exposure to stress chemistry and optimizing your physiology by learning to feel safe. The have both arrived at similar conclusions regarding the basic nature of illness and disease. Understanding the core principles enables solutions.


By looking at the human body’s function in light of quantum physics Bruce understood that life outlook affects your genetics, physiology, biology, and function. David arrived at the same set of conclusions after his own 15-year struggle with severe chronic pain and it took another 10 years to figure out ways to clinically implement these principles.

Bruce and David both cut their successful careers short to bring these  healing concepts to the world. Bruce clearly presents the definitive solution – your brain will develop around where you place your attention. Healing happens as you focus on joy. Giving back, gratitude, perspective, community, and moving towards your vision diverts energy away from your pain circuits as you move into a new life.

David’s work provides a practical self-directed foundational sequence of learning that allows you to create your own pathway out of pain and bring your dreams alive. The focus of our efforts are complementary and we are excited about coordinating them. As you are exposed to Bruce’s work, you’ll gain a broad vision of what you life can look like. David’s work, which is presented in The DOC (Direct your Own Care) Journey provides practical self-directed approaches to get there.


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