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Why is awareness being brought up in the middle of a project about dealing with chronic pain?  Remember there are three steps to the reprogramming your nervous system.

  • Awareness
  • Detachment
  • Reprogramming

There are many concepts of awareness. The definition of awareness that resonates with me is:

“Being fully present in the moment”

In other words, I am able to listen, feel, and observe multiple cues to be able to appropriately respond to a person or situation.

The concept of awareness is of major importance in chronic pain.  The one absolute block to awareness is anger.  When you are angry, there is essentially no input from your surroundings that you can internalize and appropriately respond to.  It is completely about you.  As we have discussed throughout this web site, anger is a normal response to unrelenting pain and feeling trapped.  However, your quality of life is destroyed both by the pain and the anger.

What you are not aware of can and will destroy you and your relationship with those around you.