“Love Heals” – Moving into a New Life

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I met Dana a few years ago after she had undergone two low back surgeries and was still experiencing a lot of pain. She engaged in the healing journey, and it was not an easy road. However, she was persistent, which is the most important factor in predicting success. She was an important contributor to the group Q&A sessions and was open in sharing her struggles. When you have had your hopes raised with the promise of surgery solving your pain, and then have them dashed, it makes it harder to let go in order to move forward. She did it. She learned the tools and implemented them daily. She had a lot of relief but was stuck.

I clearly remember the week that we talked offline and then in the group where I felt she should stop working on learning more how to solve pain and just move forward into the life she wanted. Consistent with her ongoing commitment to learning, she not only listened, but she took off like a rocket. It is an important step to move forward with whatever pain you have and stimulate your brain to create circuits that are more enjoyable and functional. Her pain continued to decrease over time and whatever any residual she has is not slowing her down.



Moving away from your pain

There is a “C”quence of healing – connection, confidence, and creativity. There are two distinct but linked aspects of healing. There are skills needed to be with your pain instead of fighting it, and positive thinking only makes it worse. However, a positive vision is critical in order to move forward. The other skill set is nurturing  joy and  creativity. It is impossible to be creative while you are fighting off mental and physical pain. Moving into joy is where deep healing happens as you move away from pain circuits and stimulate more functional ones.

The movie

Today, I’m thrilled to share a free ticket to the heartwarming and enlightening documentary called “Love Heals.” I believe it will deeply resonate with you and support you on your healing journey.

This documentary shares her transformative journey, who bravely navigates chronic pain and is in search of healing after 2 unsuccessful spine surgeries. Her partner, Krisanna, is a filmmaker, and together they travel the country to understand how ancient energy practices have helped so many heal and to see what’s possible for those experiencing these practices for the first time.

“Love Heals” has been touching hearts and opening minds all over the world and will reach millions of people when it’s launched on both PBS and Gaia in the next few weeks. It’s not just a film; it’s a movement that celebrates the power of love, hope, and healing.

Visit lovehealsfilm.com to claim your free ticket now and watch anytime between Jan 25 – 31.

If you’re navigating health challenges, seeking deeper self-understanding, or in pursuit of emotional healing, “Love Heals” is a must-watch. It reveals how embracing love and inner strength can lead to profound healing and a renewed sense of purpose.

Featuring insights from various experts in the fields of self-healing and personal transformation, this film is a testament to the incredible power of the human spirit and the healing capabilities we all possess.



No matter the hurdles you face – be it physical pain, emotional struggles, or a search for deeper meaning in life – “Love Heals” offers a message of hope and transformation.

I encourage you to make watching “Love Heals” a priority. It’s available for a limited time, and it might be the catalyst you need to change your life! It is becoming increasingly clear that we spend a lot of time fighting darkness where the answer lies in simply turning on the lights. Good food, spending time with friends, engaging in your passion, giving back, and regaining perspective on life is the definitive answer to suffering.

Your body knows how to heal

You might feel that your problems are too severe to allow for healing. That is simply not true. My personal struggles with chronic mental and physical pain were epic. Dana was in a deep hole when I first met her. At one point I felt that maybe she was a person that couldn’t heal. At my lowest point, I had also given up on me. She not only experienced deep healing, but she has also thrived at a level beyond my expectations, and I think hers. We are not exceptions. This is what happens when you connect to your own body’s capacity to heal. Our stories are typical of what we see on a regular basis. Witnessing and experiencing this depth of healing is what led me to give up my spine surgery practice. I am excited that Dana has done so well and is actively creating the same opportunity for so many others.

Love = awareness and connects you to your own healing capacity.  Prepare to embark on a journey of healing and rediscover the power of love within you!