Anger and Anxiety–Highway to Hell

Anxiety/Anger There is an intense relationship between anxiety and anger.  Understanding this interaction is perhaps one of the most important concepts that will have a major impact in calming down your nervous system. Anxiety and Anger are universal.  Few human beings have seemed to rise above them.  They are both … Read More

Why DOCC??

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I am a Surgeon I am a surgeon.  I think like a surgeon, which means I am intent on finding a structural problem I can surgically correct and relieve my patient’s suffering. When this happens, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and I am my patient’s hero. It is … Read More

2 – Sensitization to Pain

See me talk about this in a video:  Your Brain Becomes Sensitized. I frequently encounter patients who feel that there must be an anatomical problem that is progressing as their pain is getting worse.  There has been no further injury.  Nonetheless, these patients become even more focused on finding the problem … Read More

My Journey into Darkness

Most of us don’t know how to manage our stress. My tools from early high school were positive thinking and just being tough. With these, I thought that I could do whatever I set out to do and get through any difficult circumstance. I would not allow myself to get … Read More

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