A Bunch of Balloons

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Much, if not most, of what the DOC project presents about creating a central nervous shift is 180 degrees different than how most of us are taught to deal with our conscious mind. One of the most important paradoxes to understand is that you cannot fix your nervous system because you attention is still on disruptive circuits and you will reinforce them. The process is better compared to diverting a river into a different channel. Your brain will develop wherever you place your attention.

  • You can only engage in the tools that enable your brain to heal itself.
  • In fact, the more focused you are on getting rid of your pain, the lower the odds are that the pain will abate.
  •  Pain will still be running the show.
  • The new neurological pathways do not have to embody pain.

I have a metaphor that I share it with many of my patients. Trying to “fix” chronic pain is like putting your hand into the middle of a hornet’s nest. You cannot be successful in controlling these powerful survival responses. The process is that of connecting with your true nature and letting go – like a bunch of balloons.

A Bunch of Balloons

Imagine climbing a large mountain the size of Mount Rainier. At the peak, there is a “better you.”  The climb represents our endless quest for self-improvement. This journey takes endless forms: self-help books, healers, psychologists, medications, etc. There is a significant problem with this situation: “What does that ‘better you’ look like?” You may have a vague idea, but generally it is a concept that is idealized and humanly unattainable. Additionally, you are expending a tremendous amount of your life energy on this endless quest.




Instead, imagine a bunch of balloons tied to a railing. The strings represent your neurological patterns that are holding you down. What the various reprogramming tools accomplish is to cut the strings. Eventually, you will take off. There is no longer a goal to achieve a “better you.” You are able to enjoy the life you have with what you have. You are also not expending any effort and the potential is limitless.



You are fine just the way you are this minute. There are many interferences connecting with your true value system. Once you re-connect with who you really are, your life will change. Remember: the consistent result of many patients going through this process is a rich pain-free life.  The main variable is the degree of commitment – and letting go.