You are Not a Machine

Identifiable Sources of Pain

Pain is a perception that can be affected by several categories of variables. Our western medical culture has focused on the idea that there is always a direct physical source or “pain generator” that can be identified and fixed.

You are Not a Machine

“Pain-Generator” thinking takes the human body to be like the body of a car–when there is something wrong with the body, all you need is a good mechanic. The mechanic replaces mechanical parts, and the problem is solved. However, your body is not a machine. There is little resemblance of your body to a mechanical device:

  • Automobiles are DEAD and do not react to a pain signal.

They do not have:

  • Pain fibers
  • A nervous system that interprets pain signals
  • Hormones
  • Emotions
  • Memories

There is NOTHING in the mechanical world that remotely resembles pain. In fact, serious attempts have been made to reproduce pain in the mechanical world has failed miserably. Yet it is understandable for patients to become focused on finding the physical source of their pain.

Multiple Variables Affect Your Perception of Pain

Your pain problem is solvable once you understand the various aspects of pain and then address ALL of them. There is not one magic bullet in this web site. However, if you fully engage with the tools described here, you will improve. Your pain may not be physical, but it is REAL

  • Pain is complicated–it is entangled in an intricate web of mental and physical states
  • With full engagement of this program, your chronic pain is a solvable problem