Your Brain On Fire

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Pain impulses are perceived as increasingly intense over time, even when nothing anatomically has changed. This is called “sensitization.” Skill Requires Repetition Consider how you learn almost any new skill.  It is with initial education of the proper movements and then, “practice, practice, practice.”  Every performing art and athletic skill … Read More

DOC – A Framework of Care

Chronic pain is a complex problem consisting of many variables that affect your perception of it. Additionally, we now know that unpleasant mental input is processed in a similar manner as physical pain. Applying simple solutions to such a multi-layered problem can’t be and isn’t effective. The DOC (Direct your … Read More

Humans versus Machines

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It is an almost universally held concept among surgeons and patients that a specific structural lesion is usually the source of pain. If that lesion can be identified and repaired, the pain will resolve. This seems plausible. During my first seven years of practice, it was my assumption that if … Read More

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