Where am I Going?

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After you have outlined and honestly assessed the variables in your life, you need to start to develop your vision for each of them. That is, what do you want the different parts of your life to eventually look like? You may feel that you have a hundred reasons or excuses to not do this, but when will there be a better time? When is your life going to get easier so you can create your vision?

Take a half or full day to just sit back and think about your life. Take a mental tour of all of it. Go back to the place in time when you were the happiest and most excited about your future. What were your dreams? What did it feel like to talk about them? Then compare that era to how you feel right now. Note the difference.

To help recall your old dreams, it may be helpful to look at old photos, listen to music from that era, or even return to your old home town. Any cues that will pull you back into that time period will work. Don’t start developing your vision until you can get a feel of what it was like for you when you were actively striving for it. Be honest with yourself in regards to your vision. Did you ever have one?

Think also about your family life and how you fit into it. If you live with family members, visualize yourself as one of your family members when you walk in the door. Is your energy “happy loving and peaceful” or is it “angry and frustrated?” Would you want to live with you? Are you an inspiration to your spouse and children or are you taking out your frustrations on them?

Once you’ve taken time for the reflection, start developing your vision by first drawing up a plan for where you’d like to go. Do it without taking your chronic pain into account. Think about how are you going to live a fulfilling enjoyable life in each of the areas of Health, Family, Friends, Work, and Hobbies. Write down your vision

Done? Great. Now create a vision for yourself in terms of your chronic pain.