How am I Going to Get There?

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It’s important to avoid thinking that if you could just get rid of your chronic pain, your life could move forward. Instead, focus on the idea that you’ll move your life forward, and the pain is going to do what it will do. The ultimate paradox is that by sequencing your thinking in this order, there is a much higher chance that your pain will become a non-issue.

Make a plan. Think about what you need to do to make your vision of a future life come true. Use every tool you have to put this plan together. Be honest and realistic. Share your goals with your doctor so that you can work together to reach them. Consider the steps you can take in each of the life areas: Health, Family, Friends, Work, and Hobbies.

Then take each area of the DOCC Project and create a plan of action for each:

  • Sleep
  • Medication management
  • Goal setting
  • Education
  • Stress
  • Rehabilitation

It may take a few months to really get your plan implemented.  It will also take a lot of effort and homework. But remember, this is your entire life at stake. What else do have to do that is more important than taking charge of your life, and treating your chronic pain?