This is a river rock that I painted with the ocean scene to express “The healing journey is not linear!” There are highs and lows like the waves and the tides, progress and struggle but it’s all part of the healing process. One of my greatest challenges has … Read More

The Walk Home

Poem by Susan Angelis Photo by Susan Angelis October 29, 2023 The Walk Home The walk home from Sunday church. Walking the same path. Slightly different views each Sunday. Observing, appreciating the wondrous creations of nature. Looking beyond the iron bars. Connecting insights from the Sunday sermon to nature all … Read More


A deep and overwhelming feeling of helplessness became anger (which usually comes out to somehow rescue me..)..So that’s what I tried to express in this painting.   My commentary This is an interesting piece in that anger does rescue us from feeling vulnerable – physically and mentally. It is the … Read More

Somatic energy

I am a Registered Art Therapist in Victoria, BC. My husband is your big fan and introduced me to your website. I wanted to send this image that I created using colors and symbols to expressive somatic energy.

With or Without

Without or With Without desire I die Without touch I die Without conversation I die Without inspiration I die Without passion I die Without worthiness I die Without listening I die Without song I die With connection I live With full acceptance I live With freedom to exude in open … Read More

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