“MdDS: She is a Beautiful Flower” (acrylic on black watercolor paper, Feb 2017)

Julie Graber, 2017: July 2016, a Mal de Debarquement. Rocking, Bobbing, Swaying … 24×7 … circling in a counter-clockwise direction. Painted in the middle of one night when something under my rib cage felt like it was trying to flip over, counter-clockwise … coincidentally? So that was the first stroke I painted on the black paper. The intention written as the first layer underneath is “I locate Source so I can heal; I am ready”. A body scan, starting at that point under the rib and went down to my feet and back up … scanning … identifying ruptures and other life experiences but found “it” – Source – as you can see right at the neck / brainstem.

Interesting, right?

Can I allow myself to believe in the healing power of this intuitive work?

And, What am I not seeing?