Anger and Frustration of the Injured Worker: Transformational Strategies to Achieve Better Outcomes

Featured Guest: David A. Hanscom, MD
Joined by Chris Brigham, MD and Chris Mandel
Webinar – Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 2:00 pm ET, 11:00 am PT

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On Wednesday, July 18, join us for a unique, free webinar focusing on anger and frustration of the injured worker and, most importantly, transformational strategies to achieve better outcomes.

Workers’ compensation cases unfortunately are often complicated by anger and frustration which may be experienced by injured workers, employers, health care providers, attorneys, and other stakeholders. These emotions result from dysfunction in our workers’ compensation system and frustrations with the issues we encounter. They are among the disruptors within workers’ compensation and other disability benefit systems. By understanding the basis for these emotions, we can take steps to avoid and manage both and therefore achieve better outcomes; these steps relate to individual cases and claims processes. Therefore, all stakeholders should participate in this unique webinar involving leading internationally recognized authorities.

Anger is often a component of chronic pain. Being trapped in the workers’ compensation system with ongoing frustration adversely affects the body chemistry and the perception of pain is enhanced. To achieve better outcomes, we must understand the neurochemical nature of chronic pain, which is part of the basic survival response. Chronic pain is solvable by awareness, addressing all relevant factors simultaneously, focusing on function and not pain, and having patients assume control of their lives. This approach is structured, self-directed and consistently effective, even in the workers’ compensation system. Widespread implementation is possible and would dramatically reduce the costs, human and financial, associated with injury and disability. Addressing anger will at least in part resolve related frustrations.

Our featured guest is David A. Hanscom, MD, an internationally recognized orthopedic spine surgeon who is the author of the best-selling book Back in Control. He is joined by Chris Mandel, Director of the Sedgwick Institute and Christopher Brigham, MD, author of LivingAbled and Health: A Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery.

Who should attend?

All stakeholders in the workers’ compensation systems, including claims professionals, employers, health care providers, attorneys and injured workers.


You will be more effective in recognizing, preventing and managing the anger and frustration of injured workers.

You will learn and be able to apply transformational strategies to achieve better outcomes.

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World Class Faculty

David Hanscom head shot

Author @Back in Control

David Hanscom, MD, an internationally recognized orthopedic spine surgeon, is the author of the best-selling book, Back in Control : A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain. He is actively engaged in operationalizing well-established medical treatments that consistently helps patients out of chronic pain, including those who were going to have surgery.

chritopher mandel

Christopher Mandel

Director @Sedgwick Institute

Christopher E. Mandel is SVP, Strategic Solutions for Sedgwick and Director of the Sedgwick Institute. He has held leadership positions in ERM, risk management, insurance, consulting and brokerage for large global corporates for over 30 years and was named Risk Manager of the Year in 2004.

Chris Brigham

Chris Brigham, MD

Author @LivingAbled

Chris is Editor, Guides NewsletterSenior Contributing Editor, AMA Guides Sixth Edition, Director of IAIME,

Author of Comprehensive IME System, the Excellent IME Report, and Living Abled and creator of and

This event is supported in part by a grant from Premier Physicians Management Company, LLC.

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