The Lone Ranger

My Mask project is part of my fie art practice that began around 1970 and continues today. The series includes found objects that “speak to me” and numerous collage works. They are friends, protectors, moods, mirrors and walls… an expressive vocabulary of remembrance , metaphors and metamorphosis. Will post more … Read More

Six Feet Apart

“Six Feet Apart” Oil 9×12″ Currently in literal terms, this is the kind of mask that has center stage right now. When the pandemic began I hadn’t painted for quite a while. But through expressive writing & exploring emotions I decided to do a series of paintings documenting the unfamiliar … Read More

The Cellist

When I saw this man playing on the street so he could make some money, I saw the expression on his face. He was in his own world and not only enjoying his music, but passionate about sharing it with others. I have found music to be a wonderful pain … Read More

Lost and Found

I keep coming back to this idea that there are two sides to every coin. In this time of global pandemic, masks hold a duality of both safety and fear. I’m now used to wearing a mask when out in public, but the metaphor is not lost upon me. Wearing a … Read More

Caught in a Swirl of Change

This mask represents the feeling of being separated from normal life. The Coronavirus has caused the government to close my studio/gallery in Pt Reyes. I now find my life cast adrift, in a constant state of seeking balance in a world pandemic crisis. I may look calm in the outside, … Read More

Florentine Mosaic

Mosaico Fiorentino Fragments like colored glass Segmented memories Names of streets Distant ricordi In a flash my thoughts translate into Florentine tongue Connecting chards of glass like dots on a page my memory comes into focus An old mosaic completes itself Myself As I stay with the names new memories … Read More