Kendra Bloom, LMHC supports the DOC project as a coach and trainer. Her work encourages patients and practitioners to thrive in their approach to chronic physical and emotional pain. As a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist, she combines modern neuroscience with psychotherapy and physical therapies.

She believes deeply in this work, and has herself successfully used the process to go pain free. As a DOC Coach, Kendra has specialized in:

  • helping clients and health practitioners resolve blocks to moving through the process
  • augmenting their experience for deep and sustainable growth, and
  • enabling people to use treating chronic pain as an opportunity for increased joy and life satisfaction.

Coaching can be done effectively both remotely and in person.

Kendra has worked in private practice, as well as taught groups and training workshops for individuals, couples and practitioners for the past five years in Seattle, Washington. Now located in San Francisco, California Kendra shares her time between a holistic psychiatry clinic and her engagement with Dr. Hanscom’s work.

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Contact [email protected] or (206) 659-5544 for an appointment or consultation.

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