Dr. David Hanscom offers a range of services for patients, practitioners and healthcare organizations, including:

Consulting – Dr. Hanscom provides consulting services to healthcare organizations which are looking for more effective ways to manage patients with chronic pain. A typical consulting engagement usually consists of an initial site visit to understand current practices, followed by workshops, and practice guidelines / materials to help implement the DOC methodology.

Speaking – Dr. Hanscom is a featured speaker at professional conferences around the world. His methods have been adopted by providers across the globe, and he is in demand to keynote major events.

Workshops – Dr. Hanscom conducts workshops for patients who have begun to work with the DOC approach and providers who are looking to incorporate his methods into their practice. The workshops typically run for 1 to 3 days.

Coaching – He is offering a limited amount of coaching on the DOC process on an hourly basis. He specifically doesn’t provide medical advice through this service.

Advocacy – Dr. Hanscom selectively advises organizations lobby state legislatures and the Congress on important issues around healthcare and patient empowerment.