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Live 50-60 minute interview
Hillary Murray/WDVR-FM New Jersey and airs in Philadelphia and Bucks County

Feb. 7, 2017
Dr. Tim Gerstmar interview with David Hanscom – Aspire Natural Health podcast

“Cure for 90% of Chronic Pain”

REBECCA RISK Interview on Voice America

Jan. 21, 2017
Temple of Health Podcast Interview with David Hanscom

Coast 2 Coast – Interview with David on

Interview with John Filo – Your Soul’s Purpose

Doctor Radio Sirius XM– Interview with Dr. Jonathan Whiteson of NYU Medical Center

CBS Radio New York

Live interview with Heidi Godman – Healthcheck WSQR-FM/Sarasota

Dr. Hanscom interviewed on the Aware Show by  Lisa Garr

Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive
Dr. Hanscom interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Risk

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David Hanscom – An Interview with Your Family’s Health

David Hanscom – CHANGE MAKER With Zhena Muzyka:

David Hanscom – Straight Shot Health – What Everyone Needs to Know About Back Surgery

David Hanscom – Patricia Raskin Positive Livingprogram on 630AM and 99.7FM
Part 1

Part 2

David Hanscom – New Pathways to Overcome Chronic Back Pain, The People’s Pharmacy.
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David Hanscom – An interview with Bob Salter, CBS Radio, New York

David Hanscom – An interview with Dan Rea, CBS,  Boston, MA for more information.

David Hanscom – An interview with NPR Boston, MA.

David Hanscom – Your Family’s Health – An interview at Nassau Community College
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Dr. David Hanscom – interview on CONSCIOUS TALK RADIO/Seattle at 706AMby co-hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears.
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David Hanscom – interview by Samad Aidane for Neurofrontier

David Hanscom – interviewed on Coast-to-Coast with Greg Noory KFBK-AM

David Hanscom – interview by Eva Herr, the Infinite Consciousness program

Dialogue with Marc Gafni regarding “Discovering Your Unique Self Through Chronic Pain”.

CBS News Radio – Nightside interview with Dan Rea

Interview with Debbie Mandel

Healing Yourself.

Hoffman, Mind Body Syndrome, and Chronic Pain – November 13th, 2012

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