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David on Oz

The public’s perception of chronic pain is that it’s unsolvable and the best one can expect is to live well with it. The reality is that modern neuroscience research has revealed answers and it is a solvable problem. Most of this data hasn’t penetrated into the thinking of mainstream medicine.

Dr. Hanscom is committed to bringing these concepts out into general awareness. One approach is using multiple media platforms. These are resources that you will find helpful in your healing journey.


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Print & Online

Pain Chats – Should I Have Spine Surgery?

Yahoo! Lifestyle – How to Solve Back Pain Without Surgery

Pain News Network – Anxiety is a Symptom – Not a Diagnosis

Pain News Network – Do You Really Need Spine Surgery?

Consumer Reports – Got Chronic Pain? We can help

Pain News Network – Epidural Steroid Injections Won’t Solve Your Back Pain

Pain News Network – Limiting Rx Opioids is Making the Opioid Epidemic Worse

Pain News Network – The Impact of Chronic Pain on the Famly

Live Pain Free – Overcoming Family Pain Triggers

Live Pain Free – Mental Health or Physical Health: Which is More Critical?

Pain News Network – The Abyss of Chronic Pain

My Quest for the Best – Bill Ringle and David Hanscom discuss workplace anxiety

Healthline – How Sleep, Depression, and Chronic Pain Feed Each Other Poor 

Pain News Network – Wallowing in Pain

Men’s JournalJust Say No

Pain Free Pathways – Improved Outcomes without Opioids or Surgery

Pain News Network – Why I am Leaving My Spine Surgery Practice

New Age Chronicles – Optimizing Spinal Surgery

Surgeon Masters – The effect of stress on the professional’s family

AARP – Five ways to cure low back pain

Pain News Network – 12 great gifts of knowledge about chronic pain 

The Dr. Oz Show websiteTaking Back Your Life from Pain

Mercola – Back pain and repressed emotions

US News & World Report – Health care providers offer new prescriptions for pain – Interview with Stephanie Bucklin

Psychology Today – John Sarno, M.D., An American Hero: Marking a Shift in How We Treat Chronic Pain

National Pain Report – If I Were Your Spine Surgeon

National Pain Report –  What to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

Epoch Times Uncovering the Emotional Message of Chronic Pain

Rewire Me – The Dangers of Positive Thinking

Talkback, February 2015 – Spinal Surgery is Not the Definitive Answer 

Psychology Today – Out of Pain (and Wheelchair) With Forgiveness – with Fred Luskin

MindBodyGreen – How My Patient Healed Her Back Pain By Learning To Forgive

Fox – 7 Ways to Keep Your Back Strong

Becker’s Spine Review – Finding the Root Cause of Back Pain: Q & A with Spine Surgeon Dr. David Hanscom 

Staying Connected – A Surgeon’s Perspective on the Hoffman Process

Spineline (Reproduced with permission from SpineLine,2011;12(6):42-44. © 2011 North American Spine Society.) – Physician Suicide: My Journey

Case in Point – Surgery isn’t Indicated for LBP


Mindfulness – Innovative Approaches to Achieve Positive Outcome – webinar

KATU TV – Live interview – End Chronic Pain Without Pills or Surgery

Hanscom on AM NW
Ivanhoe Syndicated Video – Pain-free after 17 doctors

Hanscom on Ivanhoe Syndicated show
Dr. Oz – New Breakthrough: No Pill Pain Fighters
Principles of eliminating chronic back pain without surgery. Part 1, Part 2

Fox 25 TV News Live Interview, Boston

Hanscom on Fox 25

HealthTalk – Headache-free in One Week


Brain Chat – Solving Your Family’s Pain

Mighty Parenting – Solutions For Handling Chronic Pain And Anxiety

T. Huynh of Parent Pump Radio – Solving the Unsolvable Pain: Reducing Children’s Pain & Anxiety PART 1 OF 2

Dr. Holly Lucille’s Mindful Medicine – Why Doctors Are Pushing Narcotics that Don’t Work

KCHE FM radio 92.1 in Cherokee, IA – Dr. David Hanscom interview with Nikki Thunder

Vidal Speaks – Dr. David Hanscom On Basic Family Triggers Around Pain – Part 1

Unconventional Thinkers by Kulwant Saluja on Apple Podcasts – “Interview with David Hanscom” – The Mind and Fitness Podcast: Dr. David Hanscom

Surgeon Masters – The effect of stress on the professional’s family

PEOPLES PHARMACY – How You Can Get Relief From Chronic Pain

Interview on The Neil Haley Show – Unnecessary spine surgery

CBS RADIO – Interview on Helath and Well Being with Pat Farnack – The impact of chronic pain on the family

PEOPLES PHARMACY – Overview of how to implement the DOC process

COAST TO COAST AM – DOC overview and talk radio with listeners

INDIE SPIRITUALIST – DOC overview with emphasis on mindfulness

THE SCIENCE OF MAGIC Self-Healing to Kick Chronic Pain

The Healing Pain Podcast – Dr. Joe Tatta – DOC overview with emphasis on health lifestyle

K-Talk Radio – Linda Strasburg, Utah – Live interview

Vidal Speaks –  Forgiveness and pain

Sylvia Henderson / Intuitive Transformations – OM FM Radio

Vidal Speaks – Principles behind solving chronic pain

MARIE BENARD – Role of anxiety

IRG Physical Therapy – DOC overview – Part 1 Part 2.

Michael Sandler – Inspire Nation – Pain and expressive writing

Hoffman Radio Interview – Integrating the Hoffman Process into your journey out of pain