The Two Basic Aspects of Managing Stress

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There are two major aspects to managing stress.  There is the positive aspect, which is centered on activities that build up your energy reserves.  Examples are adequate sleep, consistent exercise, recreation, hobbies, enjoyable time with friends and family, setting boundaries, positive conflict resolution, and time alone.  It is critical to be pro-active in re-energizing yourself.

There is the negative energy drain aspect, which revolves around the negative emotions of anxiety and anger.  If the drain is wide open, it is not possible to build up your energy reserves to a level where you can enjoy your life.  Picture yourself trying to fill up a bathtub with an open drain. It can also be likened to trying to cross a large body of water in a slowly sinking boat.  It is impossible to navigate the boat and bail at the same time.  Even if it were possible, it would certainly detract from the enjoyment of the trip.