Take Control of Your Own Healing

You have learned the multiple variables that create and affect chronic pain. Regardless of the source of the pain your brain is being rapidly bombarded with unpleasant sensations that become magnified and memorized with time. Additionally they are linked with anxiety/ anger impulses that are also permanent pathways. This is a neurological problem, not psychological. To make matters worse your brain causes the secretion of chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol that now cause your other organ systems to become symptomatic. That is why there are so many different physical manifestations of chronic pain.

You Have no Chance of Fixing Yourself


Picture a complex circuit board that has billions of etched in pathways that represent your lifetime of programming. You cannot change them for several reasons. First, they are permanent similar to riding a bicycle. Second, any time you spend trying to analyze and figure them out is counterproductive because you are paying attention to them, which reinforces them. Finally, as the unconscious brain is estimated to be one million times stronger than your conscious brain, talk therapy alone cannot hope to make a dent in these pathways. Yet almost all of us spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to understand and “fix” ourselves. The past is over you cannot change it and you cannot change the links to the past. It is like trying to move Mount Everest with a shovel. It is not going to happen and much of your life’s energy is consumed.

 Sounds Unsolvable

So what do you do? Understanding that you cannot fix them is the solution. You can quit beating your head against a wall and move on. Moving on means using strategies that create new pathways and also shift off of the old ones. Most of them involve methods that connect with the unconscious part of your brain by utilizing your senses and also calming down your nervous system. One analogy I often use is diverting a river into a different channel. You have to begin with small steps to create these new channels but eventually the flow of the water will also aid in the process.

The DOCC process is incredibly simple and I also think one of the reasons that people resist engaging in it. How can so much suffering for this long be solved with such basic tools? It seems like that his or her pain is invalidated. Everyone needs validation and multiple complex procedures will validate your pain and disability. Is that what you really want for you and your family? Was this your dream the day you graduated from high school?


You must first become aware of your circumstances in order to make a change. Frequently I see patients who are almost shaking with rage and he or she truly feel that they do not have anger. You must “give up” (control) in order to move forward. That cannot be accomplished while you are (legitimately) angry. Moving forward will be on your terms and you can create any life you choose. Play pathways are also permanent and shifting back onto them is very powerful.

Those of us who have learned and practiced these concepts estimate that the majority of patients will recover. It can happen within days or can take months and years. If you choose not to engage you have to ask yourself, “why?” If you are not open to even asking, “why?”, then there is not much a physician can do. I sincerely hope you can find another way of finding your way out of your misery.