Your Home–Oak Tree or Military Barrack
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One of the most  basic human needs in addition to survival is to feel safe. Of course, the two go hand-in-hand. But how often in our lives do we really feel safe? Feeling safe There are many benefits of feeling safe and secure, with the first one being your body’s … Read More

Forgiveness is a Learned Skill–and a Power Move
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Forgiveness is both a learned skill and an ongoing daily process without a beginning or end. It is a statement that you are going to live your life on your terms, and no one person or situation is going to take that away from you. It is the tipping point of … Read More

Beyond Forgiveness–Compassion for Those Who Hurt You
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Ongoing anger is an absolute block to moving forward and living a truly enjoyable life. You are stuck to past. As anger is a reflection of higher elevations of stress hormones, sustained levels of them will also make you sick. The list of stress-related diseases is long and they are serious. … Read More

Back in Control Radio

Discover how to conquer debilitating chronic pain by using a groundbreaking, self-directed approach pioneered by Dr. David Hanscom. His methods have been used by hundreds of patients to eliminate chronic pain and regain control of their lives.Listen to his weekly podcasts on Back in Control Radio.

Why are New Year’s Resolutions So Hard to Keep?
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  Each new year, many of us spend time figuring out how we’ll make it better and also to really complete some projects that we have been putting off, maybe for decades. Few of us are able to accomplish a fraction of what we envision. Why? It’s because our unconscious … Read More

Healing Begins at Home – DOC Starting Point
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This post reflects what I convey to my patients on the initial visit regardless whether the problem is amenable to surgery or not. It represents a specific starting point for the DOC process. Imagine I have finished my evaluation of your situation and we are discussing specific next steps. If … Read More

Escaping the Abyss – Which One??
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I saw two movies and a show this month that highlighted many issues about the human condition and pain. I first saw the 2015 movie, Cinderella, then a show, Ain’t Too Proud, which was a musical about the Motown group, The Temptations, and finally a movie, The Florida Project. I … Read More

Romanticizing Pirates – Normalizing Suffering and Abuse
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Each year we return to Italy to spend time with some of our close friends. My wife lived there for seven years and is fluent in Italian. For me, it is a wonderful experience, as we get to enjoy Italian culture at the ground level. One trip was to the … Read More

My Story of Hope
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I had a rough start living in a chaotic household with an angry mother who suffered from chronic pain. I did not figure out for 50 years that the migraine headache I suffered at age five would be the beginning of a lifetime filled with chronic pain. I eventually experienced … Read More

She Just Let Go
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My migraine headaches began on the Fourth of July when I was five years old. By age fifty I had over fifteen physical symptoms of an over-adrenalized nervous system. The last five years were extreme. After trying almost everything, I had completely lost hope of ever regaining any semblance of … Read More

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