My Interpretation of Hoffman

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Early Programming

Our brains are continually molded by our environment. Influences such as our schooling, classmates, teachers, religious outlook, etc. have a tremendous impact on our world view.

Up until age twelve we are essentially “downloaded.” These early experiences become our database.  Our behavior and attitudes for the rest of our lives are the result of us either adopting or rejecting these imprinted patterns. The Hoffman tools allow you to see yourself separately from these patterns and begin to choose your pathway based on your own values. You finally have a true sense of who you are and where you would like to go. You are able to Break Loose of your past.

Hoffman Gives You Tools

One does not come out of Hoffman “fixed” or “cured.”  You are just given tools. It is critical to regularly practice some of them indefinitely.  Otherwise, you will quickly fall back into your old patterns.  I personally go through my exercises three or four times a week while working out on the stairmaster.

I look at the use of these tools the same way I would learn an athletic event or new performance skill.  It takes a lot of repetition to develop the “memory” to use them consistently.  I have been diligent in using them, and each month that passes, my thinking and life continue to change.

Are You Open to Change?

Not using tools you know that have a high chance of being effective is choosing to stay in a victim mode.  If you do this, you are choosing not to grab the life ring that is being tossed to you.  The same holds true for the entire DOCC Project.  Many of my patients will skim through the the DOCC Project or not read it.  I often have to nag in order to get patients to engage in some type of reprogramming process.  Many are simply not open to change.  Maybe a third of the patients I see will fully engage in the DOCC process.

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