Deciding whether to undergo spine surgery
is one of the most important choices you will ever make.

If you are facing a decision about spine surgery,

our FREE guide
Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

by David Hanscom, M.D.

gives you and your medical providers
the right information to help make the best choice.

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Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon

Questions for Your Spine Surgeon helps you:

  • UNDERSTAND WHETHER SPINE SURGERY CAN HELP – Knowing how the brain processes pain helps you understand why surgery is not necessarily a good long-term solutions in most cases.
  • ENSURE THAT ALL RELEVANT FACTORS ARE BEING CONSIDEREDQuestions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon gives you the questions you need to ask to ensure your surgeon understands everything about your current life and circumstances that could be affecting your symptoms and pain.
  • DETERMINE IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH THE RIGHT SURGEON – You have to trust that your surgeon is working with your best interests in mind. Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon helps you make that determination.
  • GIVES YOU CONTROL – Questions to Ask Your Spine Surgeon gives back control of the surgical decision to you, the patient. Take it!!

Dr. Hanscom has helped hundreds of individuals go pain free without surgery or meds, and take back control of their lives. His methods can help you, too.

About Dr. David Hanscom

Dr. David Hanscom is a spine surgeon of 30 years. His clinically proven methods for healing chronic pain are based on:

  • What he discovered from his personal 15 year struggle with chronic pain
  • His work helping hundreds of patients go pain-free without surgery or meds
  • The latest neuroscience research on how the brain actually processes chronic pain

Through his own personal ordeal, he discovered that chronic pain is curable by connecting to our own capacity to heal.

Make the Best Possible Decision About Spine Surgery

Ask the questions that will help you and your medical providers determine whether spine surgery is necessary.

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