Building Up the Positive Side

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I want to live a happy life.  I have read dozens of self-help books, been to seminars, exercised, relaxed, pursued hobbies, traveled the world, written papers, given lectures, skied deep powder with great friends.  This part of the equation of stress management is important and critical.  Simple things like consistently getting a good night’s sleep and exercising makes a huge difference in the quality of my day.

I’ve already discussed goal setting.  I framed it in the context of creating a vision for your life.  When you are in chronic pain, it is probable that you are not looking at great art, listening to music you love, pursuing passions and new hobbies, etc.  It is more likely that you spend your days thinking about how you feel like you are sinking into quick sand.

Pursuing and using tools to replenish your soul and your connection to your relationships and world are critical.