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Once a patient fully engages in a daily discipline of the DOCC Project, it takes 12-18 months to develop the internal energy to make major external life changes.

I work with a great group of surgeons.  I am the one orthopedic surgeon. Eight partners are neurosurgeons and another is a physiatrist.  As with any practice, there are innumerable obstacles in running the practice and dealing with the daily stresses.  About a year ago, the spine part of the group made a simple decision to enjoy ourselves regardless of the craziness around us.  We also made a decision to create a center of excellence as a team.

Our daily practice is intense.  We are all very busy and dealing with complex problems.  Yet as a result of these two decisions, there is a bit of an element of being at a summer camp.  We share cases, cover for each other, and make sure we have two spine surgeons on a complicated case.

We are creating programs.  Instead of being frustrated by the inevitable obstacles, we try to navigate a way around them.

But most importantly, we are having a great time.  Consequently, by not being frustrated, we are not being drained of the energy we need to not only do our job but also to be creative in providing a better service.  It is also a lot easier for our staff.

One of the by-products of our “summer camp” is that we have acronyms for certain sayings.  One of them is BIOOTW, which stands for “Blow it out of the water.”

It is easy to get stuck in all of the details of “fixing yourself.”  I have found that there are no shortcuts or alternatives to reprogramming your brain.  But there is a certain point in this process that you do have to just take you life and BIOOTW.