Anxiety Coping Mechanisms

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Common ways of Dealing With Anxiety

I feel there is an inherent sense in all of us that if we do not adequately cope with the inexorable progression of anxiety,we will lose our minds.  Some of the coping mechanisms we use are:

  • Suppression/denial
  • Rigid/structured thinking
  • Avoiding anxiety-producing situations
    • Phobias
    • Decreasing the “size” of your life
      • Worrying about small things that don’t matter that much
  • Masking
    • Addictions
    • Distractions
  • Pursuit of power
    • What % of successful people have this as their drive versus just creating a vision based on love?
    • Ways to gain more power
      • Gain strength
        • Physical
        • Mental
        • Spiritual
        • Financial
        • Control
          • People
            • Marry, have kids, have complete control of the household
            • Employer/employee
            • Circumstances

Many of the above endeavors are worthwhile and greatly contribute to one’s quality of life and society.  However, if the drive to pursue these endeavors is anxiety based instead of love-based, then the consequences of these behaviors can be significant.

These strategies often work.  It is very common to pursue one or several of the above strategies and not be crippled by anxiety.  You may not be living as full and happy a life as you would like, but maybe you are…